About Us

HYE KINI is the first Armenian online shop in Australia specialized only in selling all kind of  Armenian alcoholic beverages all the way from Motherland to your door steps anywhere in Australia.

For us delivering  Armenian wine to your home is like bringing a piece of Armenia closer to your heart.

Our mission is to represent Armenia and its people, the 6100 years of wine making history, tradition and the best way to do so was to bring the Armenian wine and all kinds of alcoholic beverages made by its hard working people living in their villages.

The majority of our wines are made by Armenian indigenous grapes which survived the phylloxera disease and the same grape were used for thousand of years for wine making like Areni Noir, Voskehat, Sireni and much more.

We chose our 40 plus products meticulously. It was the result of  months of searching and negotiations and also  meeting the Australian standards.

We have vodka, wine, fruit wine, fruit brandy (aged oghi), unaged oghi all made in Artsakh. From Armenia we have wines and fruit brandies made by the oldest wine making family in Armenia, wines made by the first female wine maker in Armenia, wine made by an environmentally aware group of wine making ladies and also  beer made by the first craft brewery in Armenia. 

We  care about our products and therefor we built a cellar to keep the wines in the best condition.

Please drink responsibly and enjoy the Armenian beverages. 

Our contact details

Mob:  +61 451 622 345

Email: info@hyekini.com.au