In 2005, Alex & Talar Sarafian planted 6 hectares (15 acres) of new vines in the Askeran region of Artsakh, one of the more promising but less developed wine regions on the frontiers of Armenia.

Carefully cultivating the Khndoghni grape, also known as Sireni, over the ensuing years, in 2018 they decided to start producing Aran Wines for the international and Armenian markets.

According to local legend, the two rivers valleys (Kur & Arax) in Artsakh were among the first to be settled by Noah's descendants. A local chieftain named Aran was appointed by the 2nd century AD Armenian King Vagharsh I to be governor of this land. Folk etymology holds that the name Artsakh is derived from 'Ar' (Aran) and 'tsakh (woods, garden).
Our wine is named in honor of the long Armenian presence on these lands.