Karas wines in the hands of the Eurnekian family

Sustainability, family, tradition and expertise come together at Karas Wines, an Armenian winery seated under the eternal gaze of Mount Ararat. Our mission is to produce world-class vintages from our own vineyards in Armavir, Armenia.

Our name

Karas means 'amphora' in Armenian, a sacred wine-making clay vessel used here for 6000 years. That, combined with Armenia's ancient oenological culture, inspires us to chart the future of the birthplace of wine while reclaiming the mantle as a producer of the world's most desired wines.

Ararat Valley

Seated in the shadows of sacred Mount Ararat, Armavir and its venerable terroir made it a natural choice to begin the Karas Wines story.

Armavir's past goes back to the Bronze Age, as attested by karases dating 6000 years discovered in Areni-1 cave, just a stone's throw from the winery; these, along with other oenological archaeological discoveries place Armenia as the oldest winemaking culture in the world.

Our winemaking philosophy

By taking the pioneering legacy of our ancestors, we can continue to demonstrate their same winemaking prowess, respecting and repeating the oenological cycle on our ancient lands.

Committed to listening to our vineyards and learning from our vines, we are equally dedicated to Armenia, its people and their social wellbeing. history and culture, and believe in Armavir's potential for creating high-quality wine at origin.

Volcanic soils ensures a singular identity

Imagine an omnipotent snow-capped mountain that in its previous life as a volcano would unexpectedly release its wrath.

Today, Mount Ararat’s ancient rage has come to benefit Karas Wines.

These black volcanic soils are extremely conducive to growing healthy vines whose grapes have a fantastic character and produce a marked identity.

Wines with origin

By respecting - and rescuing - the past, we can make Armenian wines for the future. Driving around Armavir, you might see neglected karases in gardens or vineyards. One of the winery’s missions is to recycle these glorious clay wine-making gems, restoring them in order to ferment and age 21st-century wines.