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Rose wines production / Technological schemes 

Selective, manual harvest and transport with boxes of 10-12 kg. Secondary selection, processing with a crusher-destemmer, pumping the pulp to the fermenter, separating the must. Clarification with cooling and pouring from the sediment. Fermentation at a temperature of 17-18°C from 10 to 14 days. Transfer from yeast sediment after 1.5-2.0 months and blending of wine materials from different vineyards. After 1.0-1.5 months of treatment for protein and crystal stability. Aging 2-3 months, bottling, bottling at least 3 months.


Origin / Ararat valley, Bambakashat village, Armavir Region - Armenia.

Grape varieties /Tigrani 100%.

Climate / continental, dry (annual number of hours of sunshine: 2700 hours), with a long (4-5 months) hot summer, the average temperature (January/July) is -5.1°С, +25.3°С. A feature for grapes is temperature attacks (up to 20 ° C) during ripening. The average rainfall during the growing season is 165 mm. The sum of annual active temperatures (+10.0 °С and more) - 3960.

Soil / Alluvial gray-meadow soils were formed on the Ararat plain at an altitude of 800-950 m.  High content of carbonates (3-7%) and a low content of humus (1.5-2.0%), clay and sandy loam texture. 

Vinification / Fermentation in Caucasian oak barrel.

Tasting notes / Full-bodied, with tones of tropical fruits barberry and strawberries, harmonious taste with tones of grapefruit, barberry and strawberries. Long aftertaste with sweet and harmonious notes. 

Food Pairing / Recommended to pair with salads with vegetables, grilled dishes, pizza and fruits. 

Alcohol / 13,8%