Armenian Scarves


These scarves were created inspired by the centuries-old rich history of Armenian carpet weaving and the ancient technique of painted letters.
They depict patterns of Armenian carpets, painted letters, or both patterns together.
Scarves decorated with these ornaments give a special subtlety and style to any woman.
The patterns of Armenian carpet weaving were created over the centuries and each of them contains a certain meaning, sometimes a secret message. The meaning of some patterns is still mysterious and are the subject of research for specialists.
The vivid imagination of ancient and medieval Armenian masters and artists, thanks to their talent, created a rich cultural and artistic heritage of painted letters in inscriptions, scrolls and books.
Depending on the structure of the letter patterns, they are divided into several types. Simple letter patterns consist of images of flowers and plants.
More complex painted letters are letters representing birds, people, dragons and snakes.
Inspired by all kinds of carpet ornaments and painted letters, this collection of scarves was created.