Zara Wines started its production in 2013. The first harvest was in 2014. Zara Wines is a boutique family owned winery. The founder and director of Zara Wines is Zaruhi Muradyan, a woman winemaker, who is in winemaking field from 2000.

Zaruhi Muradyan is the executive director of Vine and Wine Foundation in Armenia, the co-founder of EVN Wine Academy and the President of the Young Winemakers’ Union.
The results of various scientific research papers related to winemaking done by Zaruhi showed that there are unique and very valuable grape varieties growing in Armenia, and they can have a great influence on the development of Armenian winemaking. So, in order to show the importance of these grape varieties, Zaruhi Muradyan started her own wine production - Zara Wines. 
The demand for Zara Wines has been increasing over these three years. In order to meet the increasing demand, Zara Wines has planned to increase its production. All technological processes are controlled by the winemaker.

Company produces unique wines and vermouths from Armenian native and international grape varieties using innovative technologies based on scientific researches of the winemaker PhD Zaruhi Muradyan. 

The label symbolizes 4-million-year-old grape growing traditions in Armenia. The evidence is the grape leaf imprinted in stone found in Ararat region of Armenia (Koturvan locality) by archeologists. 

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