"OHANYAN BRANDY COPMANY” is one of the first family companies in Armenia. The company was established in 1998 - giving second birth to the former Askeran Wine Factory, which had alcohol production traditions since 1922.
The factory covers an area of 3 hectares and has its orchards and vineyards for more than 155 hectares. The company produces exclusive strong alcoholic beverages from natural fruits.

The production process begins from selecting the best fruits and combines all stages of production in one place. Only natural fruits are used in the production together with pure spring-water of Armenian mountains.

The classic technique, by which the world makes fruit brandy and specific local approaches not found anywhere else in the world make our drinks unique.

Ohanyan Brandy Company has participated in manifold international exhibitions, taster competitions and always returned to motherland with a rich booty, the evidence is the presence of 55 medals, from which 33 are gold.

The volume of the production and realization is increasing and export is a giant part of it. The main export markets are Russian Federation, Italy, Germany, USA West Coast and most recently Australia.