Maran/Մարան is the first wine enterprise in the independent Armenia, 30 years officially in the market, with an almost 200 year history of family traditions. The core values of the company are not only traditions but also experimentation as the founder of the company Avag Harutyunyan and his son Frunz are oenologists and wine scientists. They currently sell locally and export to France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, USA and most recently to Australia.

They work both with indigenous, ancient Armenian varieties (Areni, Voskehat, Khatoun Kharji) as well as international ones (Aligote, Chenin Blanc, Malbec). The wines range from fresh young easy to drink wines to barrel aged, full bodied, reserve.
Next thing on their agenda: organic wines (they are in transition, first vintage will be released in 2022) and amphorae wines.

Noravank - named after the 13th century monastery, next to our vineyards. You can see the monastery steps depicted on the label.
Entry-mid level wines, with no oak ageing.
Malahi - named after an ancient grape variety. Has an artwork on the label emphasizing crossing parallels (international-Armenian tastes). Mid range wines with limited ageing.
Bagratuni - named after a famous dynasty of Armenian kings. Has the emblem of the dynasty on the label.
aged, full bodied, reserve wines
Zarm - the name in Armenian means continuation-of-family, has our family tree embossed on the label.
our flagman wine, dry wine from late harvest grapes; we produce 1000 bottles and not every year.