Wine Formula LLC was established in 2018 by a group of young enthusiasts working in the wine and viticulture sector in Armenia.

To act within their philosophy of wildlife conservation and corporate social responsibility, they have established their first wine trademark HOVAZ (translated from Armenian as “leopard”). The story behind the name is the threatened/endangered species of Caucasian or Persian leopard.

As the leopard was lost and found in Armenia, winemaking is also experiencing a renaissance in Armenia. Thus, Wine Formula team will not only create favorable conditions for development of their partners in viticulture and winemaking in Armenia but also contribute to wildlife preservation and importance of its protection.

Only nine Caucasian leopards are registered in Armenia. Recently a footage of a young leopard was captured in the Khosrov Forest State Reserve after years of disappearance, which is why 2019 was declared the “Year of the Caucasian Leopard” in Armenia. For this reason, Wine Formula will allocate 10% of the income of HOVAZ wine sales to the preservation of Caucasian leopard, to raise public awareness of the leopard’s plight.

Another aspect of the company’s philosophy is to promote women’s significant role in the Armenian wine industry thanks to the dedicated work of their team.

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