Our Mission

MERSARER Holding LLC is engaged in the production of Armenian
honey. MERSARER Holding LLC is committed to social responsibility and rural development, among the border villages of Armenia in particular. As a family business, we base our work on the fundamentals of family values when communicating with our beekeepers’ network, suppliers, partners and our valued clients; loyalty, trust, honesty and commitment are most important.

We aim primarily to:

  • Promote the production of the highest quality honey in Armenia
  • Contribute to the formation of viable self-organizing communities in remote and border villages
  • Ensure “Made in Armenia” is recognized as quality in global markets, while maintaining international competitiveness products are in full compliance with existing standards of honey production, both within Armenia, the EU regions and USA.


What we do

The brand brings its delighted consumers only the best in natural honey, produced throughout the border regions of Armenia. Currently, it is represented by 26 different products, the honey differing in color and taste composition; this is due to the “residence” of the breeds of bees and the endemic vegetation of the surrounding land. With its aim to secure the best in quality products, ensure beekeeping skills are developed with an application of technological innovations.

The brand falls under the umbrella of MERSARER Holding LLC, where the importance of corporate social responsibility is stressed and duly demonstrated daily, fostering the increase of living standards, better healthcare, overall environmental protection, and economy with a positive impact on both society and business.

MERSARER Holding LLC owns and operates a number of beehives itself; however, 95% of the honey we present has been sourced by a local network of beekeepers all over Armenia. The company supports the beekeepers all year round by providing them with new beekeeping techniques, advanced natural and organic medical treatments for the bee colonies, as well as due financial support to ensure an increase in available hives. The network is our family, where each individual involved strives to achieve the best possible results, all while maintaining the traditional form of beekeeping expertise.